Applications of hydrokinetic water power plants

Are you interested in making a contribution to promoting global energy transition using sustainable produced energy, to be more independent and still get your electricity cheaper than from a traditional provider?

services Grow with Us! Become a Local Hero: Manufacturer | Retailer | Project Developer

Your benefits as Retailer:

Cover a wide area up to a country exclusively with e.Ray products! Manage the parts streams and quality, commission the products. Manage the regional service network.

Your benefits as Local Hero | Project Developer:

You are a locally based entrepreneur or a professional in decentralized energy projects?

We give you the support you need to get the projects commissioned and your customers satisfied.

Our energy platform is the foundation, the clue is to offer the additional services your community needs most.

For example, food processing, telecommunication, tourism and water services.

Make your solar-diesel-battery projects more reliable by diversifying your portfolio. Deploy and run most innovative microgrids, quartier energy and infrastructure.

Warn and save the people in your region from flood. Create a sustainable energy service company!

Long term revenues, up to 1.500 € per installed EMOR 1000 yearly. Save around 15 tons of CO2 compared to a diesel.

Become a Local Hero, make clean business in your region.


We look forward to working with you!