Energy & Management Of Rivers

Our flow power plant generates electricity and provides
important information from water level to pH value.


  • Weight: 340 kg
  • Power output: 70 – 1,300 W
  • Dimensions: B180 / L340 / H160
  • Minimum water level: 1 meter
  • Optimized for flow velocities between 1 – 2.7 m/s

Swimming power plant

Our generator flows with the river which avoids
the extravagant construction of a dam.

Conscientious installation

Our anchoring technology keeps everything as it is,
which means no change to natural habitats.

Flows to space

EMOR sends data about the river via sattelite communiaction:
water level, velocity, temperature, rainfall and pH value.

Fish-friendly turbines

Even the oldest inhabitants of rivers
don’t need to worry either. We also thought of them.