How Does Hydro-kinetic Turbines Work?

Rivers or canals have currents – both night and day, summer or winter – the river flows! This current is used by EMOR to generate electricity. The working principle of the river turbine is similar to that of wind turbines but for flowing water. Without a dam, without significant civil works and with no harm for nature.

Our mobile hydroelectric platforms are completely self-sufficient. At the same time, they can provide helpful information like the water temperature, precipitation, water level and flow velocity – all of which are important parameters for flood warning and water management.


Are you interested in using sustainable energy to make a contribution to the promotion of global energy supply, to be more independent and still to purchase your electricity more favorably than with a traditional supplier?

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Competitive Advantage

Since e.Ray manages without impoundment of the rivers and can be easily installed thanks to the compact design, further applications are opening up which remain unattainable for the classical hydropower.

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