Clean energy for hydrological measuring centre

Photovoltaic and battery systems allow simple measurement campaigns to be completed in the summer months.

Do you have additional requirements during rainy flood periods?

Hydrological measurement campaigns can be run throughout the year due to readily available energy. According to your needs, we offer a stable 12 V / 24 V DC power supply with up to 400 V three phase current. Our EMOR turbines enable a base load power source. They offer off-grid UPS (uninterupable power supply). Based on the needs of the sector.

As a rule, our plants are fitted with a user-friendly monitoring system and satellite-based measurement system.

Furthermore, our plants have space for any conceivable equipment. An accessible platform and a gateway, which provides GSM remote transmission in the format you require.

Whether water quality, morphology or new shores. We are the reliable business partner at your side.  We look forward to joint projects with you.