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EMOR 1000

EMOR 2500

e.Ray delivers a cost effective, easy and environmental friendly way to generate electricity from flowing water. The perfect fit for micro-grids, supplying your house, business or community!

The potential of rivers and Channels is hardly used, thats why we are producing energy there, where the humanity has setteled for millennia – down by the rivers!

The free floating platforms harvesting the kinetic energy from the flowing water. The yield is dependant on the flow velocities at the location, the greater the flow velocity, the greater the energy yield. The massive wood structure is beautiful, water resistant and durable.

Are you interested in contributing to global energy transition?

Overview of production and environmental data

With RIVER SENSE you have all the data in view with a web application.

With this app, the data of the built-in sensors are clearly displayed in graphs and updated every 15 minutes.

Our plants serve as carriers for hydrometic sensors. By the possibility of the remote selection current information about the water level, the velocity, the precipitation and the temperature are read out.

This can contribute to better flood prevention and a full water resource management.

Installation and delivery

Depending on the site requirements, the plants are delivered pre-mounted or in components. Thus, it is possible to reach places that do not have well-developed roads.

The preparation of the site requires a visit by a trained person or appropriate video documentation.

The installation of the anchoring system can be carried out in one day. The subsequent installation of the plant and the mains connection take place at another time or on the same day.

Ask us about our solutions for canals, free-floating islands and special platforms.

The e.Ray can be anchored in different ways. For mounting, we recommend our  anchoring system.

Depending on the location, this is carried out by means of gravity, screw or pile foundations.

The simplest and most cost-effective installation is on two healthy trees. This type of attachment has been developed in collaboration with tree inspectors and high-ropes professionals.


Storing energy for long term is still expensive.

Wind and sun have fluctuations in their intensity, base-load energy sources are nessecary for an energy supply completely based on regenerative resources.

Hydro power is a good option. There are many old sites that could be modified, but since special solutions are necessary here and the consistency for fish and sediments is to be ensured, these sites can only be developed at considerable expense.

Above all, the potential of classic hydroelectric power plants with dams is also widely seen in the OECD countries as exhausted. Until now, a dam had to be built for the purpose of generating electricity from watercourses, which massively altered the natural environment and flow of the river. In addition, such plants are now hardly ever approved, since the potential only creates considerable negative impacts on the environment and this is excluded from the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Throughout the world, river landscapes are threatened by dam projects. We are offering an alternative.