Sustainable development cooperation

Sustainable development is our primary objective. We only have a small team with limited resources. Flights and transport are expensive; CO2 and time intensive.

That is why, we plan to pass on our knowledge.

We will provide businesses and craftsmen worldwide the opportunity to secure their existence and thus prevent rural exodus. For this reason, we want that e.Rays are easy to manufacture, to maintain or when necessary can be repaired by the local community.

Your actions make a contribution


  1. For electrification

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are still approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide, mostly in rural areas, living without electricity. 300 million people thereof live close to a river or canal. That is why we rely on a worldwide easy to manufacture basic system that can be built mainly by local craftsmen with local available materials. Governments and NGOs can ensure a supply to off-grid regions. In many regions, diesel generators are the basis of the power supply. These systems are environmentally unfriendly, have to constantly refuel and are therefore expensive to maintain. Our technology offers an alternative.


Our systems help run the following:

  • Cooling container
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumps
  • Lighting for schools, community buildings and streets
  • Micro-mains to supply entire villages with light, telecommunications

The combination of photovoltaic, battery or diesel systems allows for a year-round safe decentralised power supply.

  • eray_india_monsoon_children_village_electricity_diesel_generator
    1. Stop rural exodus and disaster prevention

    Due to the climate change, extreme weather events are increasing. According to “The international Disaster Database” (CRED), over 100 million people worldwide are affected by floods every year.

    Just imagine your house has been affected by a flood. Every minute that you know what to expect can help you to get your belongings and life into safety. Through the use of water level data, flood predictions can be improved and the people in the vicinity can be warned.

    An additional use is the ability to detect environmental crimes and in this context, monitor threshold values.

    We are quite certain that our plants can make a  difference. But we need your support. You can voluntarily donate an additional cent per kilowatt hour, which is spent on afforestation projects and another cent for international cooperation projects and the training of local entrepreneurs.