We offer all you need to make your project a success – lets collaborate and realise your renewable energy supply. What we are offering in detail:

  • Preliminary site evaluation
    Analysis of a potential site by using geo-information-systems and site-visit
    Quick-Check on profitability
    Measurement of reference flow velocities

    Calculatione and/or measurment of the site specific solar irradiation
    Stakeholder mapping


  • Feasibility studies, system design and layout planning
    Cost-effectiveness analysis

    Individual plant or park
    Power electronics and grd connection
    Feed-in or off-grid operation


  • Project development
    Site acquisition
    Approval planning
    Stakeholder management
    Environmental studies
    Profitability analysis


  • Operation and Maintenance
    Technical and commercial plant management
    In-situ environmential monitoring
    Remote maintenance and on-site inspection
    Energy as a service – only pay what you consume
    Own consumption optimisation