Are you planning to invest in sustainable infrastructure?

Due to our background we have 12 years of experience in consulting.
Initially, our focus was on planning, implementation and transaction advice in the field of sustainable energy projects.
In combination with the areas of communication, satellite-based remote sensing and environmental monitoring, we can offer innovative complete packages.


Pre-analysis of the location

On-site inspections and analysis via geoinformation systems
Quick Check of economic efficiency
Measurement of reference flow velocities (hydropower)
Determination or measurement of irradiation values (solar)
Identification and addressing of stakeholders

Feasibility studies and technical layout

Profitability analysis
Single plant, flat roof or park
Power electronics and mains connection
Grid feed-in or grid-independent operation


Project development

Site protection
Remote sensing
Approval planning
Stakeholder management
Environmental compatibility
Optimization of economic efficiency

Operation and maintenance

Technical and commercial operational management
On-site environmental monitoring
Remote maintenance and regular on-site inspections
Energy as a Service – you only pay for the electricity you supply
Optimization of energy consumption

Internet of Things

Open Source Hardware Development
Satellite Communication
Wireless Local Area Networks
Low Power Wide Area Networks
Third-party application integration

Our projects serve the sustainable supply of critical infrastructure,
climate adaptation, prevention and culture.
Do you share our vision? We look forward to getting to know you!