We are e.Ray Europa GmbH with headquarters in Darmstadt, Hesse province in Germany.

We are an international team of engineers, economists, creatives and doers. Our roots are in Colombia, India, Germany and Ethiopia. We believe that humankind can live resource-efficiently and in balance with nature without sacrificing valuable energy.

Sebastian Lemke

Geschäftsführer / CEO

Fabian Suarez

Chief Operating Officer

Thanks to all the supporters, families, friends and contributors, without you, the e.Ray project wouldn´t be possible. Even if we always forget someone:

Akida Azizi, Benjamin Hauska, Bernhard „Jimmy“ Schuh, Professor Dr. Cameron Tropea, Denise Demirel, Elisa Pawlik, Gina Wirth, Florian Lenz, Dr. Ingo Warwas, Jan Presse, Johannes Memming, Juan Sepulva, Dr. Lois Woestmann, Manuel Schuhbaur, Marvin Völlger, Michael Marquardt, Museum M, Nadine Lorbeer, Pascal Schobel, Sigmund Potz, Simon Schubert, Christoph, Daniel und Thomas Czoske, Tomek Dreger, Vanessa Zöller

Team e.Ray

Careers, Getting-in, Support

You have a passion for technology and sustainable development? You want to change the world? You are looking for new challenges and you are ready to take responsibilities?

We are looking for pioneers, talents and routineers to make a difference!

e.Ray stands for design options, flat hierarchies, self-responsible project development and an activity with meaning.

Apply proactively for a direct entry.

We also like to supervise graduation and project work in the fields of economics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and IT.

Whether you are looking for a direct entry, internship or working student activity, if you want to change something: Write us!

Vision and goals

Our challenge is the sustainable supply of humanity with clean energy.

Rivers are the life lines of the earth, therefore it is essential to protect and use them. Energy and clean water are the bases for economic development, and our goal is to assure supply thereof.

Floods are the most common disaster scenario worldwide, and with our project we help improve the flood warning systems.

We ourselves act, and inspire others act and create alternatives.  We want to do our part for a more liveable society and environment.

Sustainability strategies

The e.Ray products are making a contribution to sustainable use of nature and the living creatures populating it.


On the one hand, the focus is on the fish friendliness of the power plant. For this purpose, care was taken in design to assure the safe passage through the plant of any aquatic organisms.

A patented solution was developed for anchoring the power deck, using the trees on the river bank as a support.

In addition, we rely on wood as a cost-effective, resistant and sustainable construction material. We pay attention to sustainable cultivation and processing.

By using local wood species such as Douglas fir or oak, we avoid long transport routes and thus save CO2. These native wood types are particularly water-resistant and therefore long-lasting.