Vision and Mission

Surface waters are sensitive socio-ecological systems that provide livelihood for humans and animals. Rivers and lakes can quickly transform into critical danger zones during catastrophic weather events. Therefore, we strive to stay one step ahead of all interactions between water bodies, the environment, and climate. Together, we aim to enhance the climate resilience of our surface waters and restore them to harmony.

Our water monitoring platform relies on solar energy, state-of-the-art sensors, and satellite communication. Hazardous situations can be detected early, enabling necessary actions to be taken. During time-critical flood events, the immediate detection of sudden flash floods even aids in saving lives. It is our mission to establish a self-sustaining monitoring network, making water and disaster management more efficient and transparent.

International Engagement

Together, we can achieve more and bring about positive change. We have been actively involved in development cooperation projects in Africa and South America. Our goal is to promote sustainable critical infrastructure and develop ingenious solutions to various problems. We consider ourselves an international team of engineers, economists, and creative innovators who are already addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

Core Team



Making a positive contribution to the environment

Our shared vision is to protect and preserve our natural resources through sustainable solutions. We are particularly dedicated to the balance and health of our water bodies, as well as their effective monitoring.

Striving together

We are a diverse team that welcomes all enthusiasts of Nature-Based Solutions with a passion for IoT, water management, photovoltaics, nature, and technology. Inspired by the support and encouragement of our partners, we are always excited to welcome new team members. Together, we strive to develop climate-friendly Smart-City innovations and contribute to a sustainable future.