WAMO – Base Station

Secure communication in case of disaster

The base station primarily serves as a communication module for control centers and disaster management authorities. It makes it possible to communicate even in emergency situations – even if mobile or power networks have collapsed. The integrated photovoltaics make the base station completely independent of external infrastructure and enhance resilience in case of disasters. During normal operations, the base station also functions as a hub to aggregate and process data about the condition of surrounding bodies of water, for example.

WAMO Basisstation


  • Suitable for flat roofs

Energy Management

  • 2 x 100 Wp photovoltaic modules provide 3,8 – 24 V DC
  • Retrievable data: Temperature, voltage, current, battery status
  • Optional: 60 Ah battery at 12 V

Communication Options

  • GSM, LTE, LoRa, WiFi
  • SatCom: Iridium, StarLink, SatelIOT and/or SWARM
  • WAN Base Station: LoRA oder Sigfox
  • Optional: LoRa warning receiver