SWIM – The foundation for sustainable water management

The conservation, regulation and protection of our water resources are of vital importance today and are about to be taken to a new level by the “SWIM” project.

“SWIM” stands for “Surface Water Information Management” and promises to deliver exactly what our world urgently needs today: an overview of our waters and timely warning. To achieve this, the latest techniques for measuring water parameters are combined with data from Earth observation satellites to closely monitor coastal areas, rivers and lakes. After a thorough planning phase, we are now in the starting blocks to put the project into action with the support of the Europeans Space Agency (ESA)’s Business Applications and Space Solutions (BASS) programme.

Continuous monitoring and warnings – protecting our lakes, rivers and coastal areas

Using our floating measurement platform, called WAMO, numerous bodies of water are monitored simultaneously and continuously. This capability makes it possible to respond quickly to potential hazards in emergencies. For example, harmful algae infestation, impending oxygen deficiency or suddenly rising water levels are quickly detected. Thus, measures can be taken timely to ensure the ecological safety of these vital aquatic habitats. Monitoring and early warning are the first decisive step towards sustainable and safe water management.

Smart Cities and the Aquaculture Sector – Data-Driven Decision Making

“SWIM” opens new horizons for data-driven decision-making. This is crucial for the development of Smart Cities, where efficient resource use is a top priority: only if we know exactly what the state of our waters is, can we take appropriate measures in time. In the aquaculture sector in particular, continuous monitoring is crucial to prevent the mass poisoning of fish and to promote sustainable practices.

Global cooperation for water conservation

We are proud to partner with global organisations such as ESA, the CEO Water Mandate, UN Water and the Pacific Institute. These partnerships allow us to strengthen our efforts to conserve healthy waters and advance the mission of sustainable water management worldwide. We hope that our joint efforts will help preserve water for future generations and address the challenges of climate change.

Become part of the movement – support “SWIM”

We invite you to become part of this unique journey towards a water resilient future. Your support and commitment can make all the difference to protecting our water resources as efficiently as possible. There are many ways to support us including through active exchange, becoming part of our team or investing in e-ray.

For more information on the whole project, click here.

Finally, a big thank you to ESA BASS and the broad support we continue to receive to turn our vision for waters in balance and the fight against climate change into a reality.