How does that work?

Rivers or canals have currents – both night and day, summer or winter – the river flows! It is from this current that we produce electricity. This is called kinetic energy or motion energy. The technology is similar to that of wind turbines but for a river. This is why we have installed small hydroelectric power plants with a patented anchoring technology in a nearby river or canal –

completely without a dam, without significant construction and without disturbing the natural or animal life in the river.Our mobile hydroelectric power plants are completely self-sufficient and independent of conventional energy sources. At the same time, they can provide helpful information like the water temperature, precipitation, water level and flow rate – all of which are important parameters to predict severe floods.


Are you interested in using sustainable energy to make a contribution to the promotion of global energy supply, to be more independent and still to purchase your electricity more favorably than with a traditional supplier?

About us

Who we are, what we stand for and what we believe in? Find out more about us, our vision, motivation and the development of e.Ray Europa GmbH. Do you want to shape a greener future together with us?


Learn more about the functionality, installation, anchoring, monitoring of the installations, environmental monitoring and the services we offer.

Difference from classical hydropower

Since e.Ray manages without impoundment of the rivers and can be easily installed thanks to the compact design, further applications are opening up which remain unattainable for the classical hydropower.

Alle Eigenschaften auf einen Blick All of the properties are summarized below:


  • Usable energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • One e.Ray delivers enough energy for 3-7 households, a small industrial company or a mobile base station
  • Required water depth: 80 cm
  • The module is usually delivered pre-assembled
  • The installation and the grid connection can be completed in two days under the right conditions
  • Simple modular system
  • In comparison to a diesel generator, e.Ray saves €5,000 per year
  • In comparison to the German electricity mix, e.Ray saves approximately 7t CO2 per year

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