Water Management with WAMO 

Municipal surface water management made easy with satellite technology:

  • Self-sufficient and mobile platform for flood warning and water quality applications
  • Low maintenance costs and effort
  • Algal managment and elemination
  • Contribution to climate and wildlife protection

December 2021

International Award
Thanks to our patented WAMO technology,
the overall award was introdruced to Hesse for
the first time in the history of the Galileo Masters Awards!

Ponds, lakes, rivers or reservoirs:
We can help you manage all of them.

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Rivers and lakes are
true sources of life.

The protection of these
ecosystems is our mission.


The sun supplies the planet
with vitality. We want
utilize its energy as
effectively as possible.

Internet of Things

Ecological monitoring meets
satellite technology:
We develop applications
for a sustainable future.

Design & Consult

You are working on
an idea, problem
or project?
We’re eager to support you with

innovative and efficient solutions.

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