Energizing passions.

We create opportunities for sustainable development.
Renewable energy and IoT for a future worth living.


River Nexus Logo

Rivers are the vital lines of our earth.
Constructing a comprehensive network of
independent measuring stations is our vision.

Logo Grau zu Grün

Looking at our cities from above all we see is gray.
Our initiative´s vision is the green and
future-oriented urban development of Germany.

Our Expertise


Sustainable observation and utilisation of rivers.
Real-time data and energy through our autonomous platform.


The sun is the life-force of the earth. Using its potential
allows you to become more resillient and independent.

Internet of Things

With the help of satellites we monitor the enviornment
and enable telecommunication for a brighter future.

Design and Consult

Renewable energy and IoT systems are our passion.
We support you during design, layout and implementation.