Energy and Management of Rivers EMOR

We are happy to announce that we will unveil our new product EMOR (energy & management of rivers) on 8th of September during the celebration of the European Space Operations Centre!

Our journey started more than five years ago. Those years have been amazing! Thanks to all who joined us on the way, our Friends and loving Family that share our vision. We come a long way together, in the hard and in the good times we groove together.

We observed rivers in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, India and Europe. Soon a new Project in Uganda will start.

So far we learned a lot about strengths of the river, to understand it and treat it with respect. This is our path while we are looking through the mountains.

This experience taught us a new way of thinking for a new way of sustainable infrastructure.

We are developing the tool to act and react effectively and that is capable to empower tools we love. That devices enable us to read, see, learn, chill, heat and communicate. Innovation and digitalization happen quickly. DC supply is often a bottleneck, especially in the countryside.

Our goal is not only to build the most reliable and clever, multipurpose platform that provides an additional income for the operator, but also to help the communities down the river.

Thanks to the Center for Satellite Navigation Hessen (cesah), the European Space Agency (esa) and European Regional Development Fund for guiding and supporting us.

Yours sincerely,

Team e.Ray