Digital Waters

  • Satellite-based water monitoring
  • Continuous measurement of water level and water quality
  • Early detection of harmful algal blooms
  • Sustainable contribution to climate protection



Resilient Disaster Management

Thanks to our patented WAMO technology, the measurement station floats on top and provides accurate data even when a flood exceeds the level limits of conventional measurement stations.

Our WAMO can be deployed in all surface waters and provides a cost-effective way to monitor the development of water quality and implement preventive measures. You can know more about your water bodies!

The integrated PV modules and battery make the WAMO independent of external power supply or communication networks. Water levels at key locations are measured and transmitted in real-time to enable prompt response and informed decisions regarding evacuations, rescue operations, or other necessary measures.

Whether ponds, lakes, rivers, or water reservoirs, with WAMO, you can keep an overview!


Reasons for an Investment


WAMO saves lives and the environment!

After the flood in the Ahr region, the investigative committees clearly show that there was a lack of location information after a large portion of the water level measurement systems failed.

Great potential for adapting to future flood disasters and opportunities for multiple uses in the field of water monitoring and quality optimization.

In a dynamic growth market with an attractive risk-return profile.

Passion combined with expertise is what drives us.


International Award

December 2021

With WAMO, for the first time in the history of the Galileo Masters Awards, the overall victory was brought to Hesse.

Galileo Masters Awards

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Invest now in the future of our lakes and rivers.


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Legal notice according to § 12 (2) of the German Capital Investment Act (Vermögensanlagengesetz): The acquisition of this investment involves significant risks and may lead to the complete loss of the invested capital. The promised return is not guaranteed and may also be lower. Key Investor Information Document