Darmstadt relies on citizen energy

Darmstadt relies on citizen energy

The city in Hesse is allowing several municipal roofs to be used for the construction of so-called citizen solar power plants.

As early as mid-2019, the Darmstadt-based StartUp e.Ray Europa GmbH, together with the Eigenbetrieb Immobilienmanagement der Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt (IDA) and Sonneninitiative e.V. from Marburg, held talks to cooperate in realizing and operating citizen solar power plants.

The city collects roof rents and all invested citizens participate in the jointly produced electricity. In this way, CO² emissions and electricity costs can be reduced communally. Two daycare centers and four schools were selected together with Darmstadt’s property management. They are particularly suitable for such a project due to their own high electricity consumption and the good location of their roofs.

Together with the Sonneninitiative e.V. we will have the plants built this fall and offer interested citizens the opportunity to participate. In return, they will receive a good return and the nice feeling of making a contribution to climate protection.

Further information on the projects can be found on the homepage of the solar initiative at www.sonneninitiative.de or directly by telephone on 06421 809 6202
or by visiting e.Ray Europa GmbH. Smart City Innovation from Darmstadt.