Smart Water project in Darmstadt

Digital City Darmstadt – almost five years ago, our city was awarded this title in a competition held by the IT industry association Bitkom. Since then, Darmstadt has been developing into a genuine smart city. Since 2021, the city has received millions in additional funding as part of the “Smart Cities Model Projects” program. By 2027, a budget of 14.7 million euros will have been allocated to the “Smart Water” project as part of this program. We participate in „Smart Water“ with one of the first pilot projects.

WAMO in action: Pilot project at the city lake „Großer Woog“

With our award-winning platform for water management (in short: WAMO), a pilot project started as part of the Smart City project “Smart Water“.

The Frankfurter Rundschau writes about this on May 03:

[…] The pilot project “Smart Flood Protection” was presented on the grounds of the Großer Woog natural outdoor swimming pool. This is the test operation for a water management platform that can be used to detect flood events more quickly. Based on the data collected with sensors, the city can identify local trends [on the water surface level] in the event of a catastrophe so that it can then react to them in a timely and appropriate manner. In this context, City Holding Heag is working together with the Darmstadt-based start-up e.Ray Europa. Read more (in German)

On the same day, RTL Hessen also reported on our pilot project (in German):

Darmstadt Mayor Jochen Partsch (member of the Greens party) spoke of further possible steps in which WAMO could be tested on the Modau, the Ruthsenbach and on two flood retention basins (Lake Erich-Kästner and Lake Brentano in Kranichstein).